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The Demon Coin pg 02

The Demon Coin pg 02.

The Demon Coin pg 01 - The coin with only one side!

The Demon Coin. What is the different compare with normal coin? Well,  the demon coin has only one side, a face of skeleton. Then, what is on the other side of a demon coin? I'm still thinking. Will reveal it as the story go. As of this stage, the coin does not have the other side.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Fun Action Comics 2 is in the Market!

Fun Action Comics 2, Finally Published!

A collection of 76 600x800 pixels full color drawing of fun action.

 Comics for people of all ages. In this issue, we have 7 action story. 

They are 'Penguin Comic : Help!', 'Detective DON In Action', 'TANG TIGER : What is LOVE?', 'WOLF Fantasy SlamDunk', 'Children Action Comics : Fantasy Action', 'Queue' and 'Fishing'.

Here's the Link 

Happy viewing!

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